For the Show

Last night was spent deep in the throes of photography land. One of the panos I was working on would simply die every time I tried to build it, so I halved its size and tried again. Success!

Canyon View

This is a big honker at something like 3ft x 13 feet. I’ve cropped off a 3rd or so from the left hand side. That ditch in the middle is the Grand Canyon. Man arizona is freakin cool.

I also stitched together an 8 shot build of an abandoned house right next to some cliffs:

My Back Yard is a Mountain

I’ve got more coming, but it’s pretty slow paced work.

Anyway, I also made some prints to show for this weekend. These are the ones that I’m going to display:

Bishop Creek ReedsSedona Storm

Still working on the HDR of Horseshoe Bend. Photomatix can’t handle the large stitches, so I’m combining the exposures first, then stitching. Combining is happening now.

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