Happy B-Day to me! + stuff!

Today is the conclusion of my 31st journey around the sun. Good times. Kelli did horrible, unspeakable things to my cube as a result. Tomorrow is the actual b-day, and I’ll be heading off to vegas with Kelli for a couple of days to spend Thanksgiving with a couple of her friends, and take our christmas card picture.

The Cards so far:

Year One Year Two

Given the vegas theme, you can probably guess the theme for this year.

We’ll be back on saturday afternoon if anyone is wanting to celebrate.

Computer Stuff I played around with Aperture on a Mac Pro a week or so ago, which also was sporting a 30in monitor. I was not impressed with the MacPro. It was constantly beachballing while making adjustments on relatively small images. This could be because of the paltry 1GB of ram, or an underpowered stock video card, either way Aperture just felt slow and lame. I still like lightroom. Even on my dual 2Ghz G5 it’s much faster than Aperture on the Mac Pro.

I was however struck again with how big a 30″ monitor is, and what a difference it makes when working on photos. Dell is selling it’s 30″ for about $1500 these days, and until yesterday, had a 15% off deal going. Someone at work wants to buy my 24″ Dell. So you can probably guess what happened. Early Christmas for Joe! I caught the 15% off deal, so I got the monitor after tax for around 1300 bucks. I should be seeing it in early December. Woot.

When Adobe deigns to grace us with a universal binary of Photoshop, I will probably go ahead and grab a Mac Pro. Working on large stitched images destroys my current machines, and I would love to have a version of photoshop that can really take advantage of 4-8 cores and 8GB of memory.

Phone Stuff I also broke down and bought a T-Mobile Dash to replace my aging scoblephone. Qwerty keyboard and Wi-fi. This makes me very happy. Combined with Missing Sync which works very very well, this is a tight little package. The screen is also excellent with 320×240 resolution. I’ve loaded it up with Diggnation episodes. It’s unfortunate that micro SD cards don’t come in larger capacities. Teamed up with a couple of 3rd party apps, I have all my daily appointments and tasks on my home screen along with weather for the week. I’m pretty stoked.

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