I Voted

Took some time after lunch today and went down to cast my vote. Apparently when I moved, and changed my driver’s license, that did not change my voter registration. I did change it, but not the required 4 weeks ahead of time. So I ended up filling out a provisional ballot. Good times.

Most of the Ballot measures in AZ this time around involved punishing gay people, mexicans, smokers and land conservationists. I ended up voting down almost all of them. There was one measure on increasing the minimum wage that I liked, and 2 or 3 more, but I’m sure you can guess which way I went on each measure.

A political orientation test I took put me solidly in the ranks of the libertarians, and I found some of that reflected today. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote in favor of banning smoking in all public places except for a very few exceptions. Yes smoking is bad for you, yes, second hand smoke is probably bad for you. But if you don’t like smoky bars, don’t go to them. Let business owners decide whether or not to ban smoking in their establishments. Why do we have to legislate this?

Surprisingly, only 2 libertarians were on the ballot, which was a little disappointing, but I did my duty to try and eject the sith lords… er republicans from the house and senate. While I hate party line voting, I’m repelled by the thought of allowing Bush 2 more years of a yes-sir legislative branch that kowtows to every insane request he makes.

If you haven’t voted yet. Go do so.

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