The Perils of Standing Water

It’s now cool enough to hang out on my back porch in the evenings here in Arizona, and yesterday that’s exactly what I did.

Within 15 minutes I had to come back indoors after suffering no less than 15 mosquito bites.

This does not make for a happy Joe. One of the big attractions of Arizona when moving here from Alaska is that I could escape those damned bugs. But in our newly minted efforts to bring large standing bodies of water to this sun scorched valley, we’ve brought down a plague of west nile infected vermin. Two years ago there was not a mosquito to be found in this town.

So now the best times of the year, when it’s beautiful outdoors, I can no longer sit on my porch. Geigh.

Damn you Tempe town lake. Damn you Scottsdale water front project. Flagstaff is starting to look real good again.

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