Let there be prints

When I said that I shot some panoramas while in Alaska, I wasn’t kidding around. Today was the day to bust out the roll feeder and make prints. Here is one of the panos from a couple of miles north of Homer.


In it’s original form, this is a 4GB photoshop image, which takes my dual 2.0Ghz G5 30 minutes to save to disk. It is 1.5 feet by 9 feet at 240 dpi. It is stitched from 17 Canon 5D images.

For this print, I decided on 12″ by 90″ to fit within the confines of my humble Epson 2200. The Epson driver cannot accept single images over 44″ wide. So I had to dump out a flattened file, open it with Illustrator and tile the image onto essentially 5 13×19 pages which the epson driver prints without seams onto the roll paper. Lame, but better than spending $1k on a RIP that could do it natively.

Autopano Pro was used for the stitching. It can do some amazing things. No joke. You can literally hand hold shots in a circle and the SIFT algorithm will figure it out. Impressive technology.

It probably took close to an hour to print this bad boy out, but man is it impressive. I’ve got a couple more to work on, but this might be it for today. In all reality, this is just too large a pano to hang in anyone’s home. It would have to go to a business with a big hallway, but I might be able to find some customers like that….

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