The Saga Continues

I love my doctor.

Went to see him this morning at 10:30. We talk for a little bit about the month of suck I’ve been enduring. He asks if the Chiro did x-rays. I told him they did when I first came in, but not after the massive pain and hospital visit. He does a couple of tests, and says “let’s get an MRI on your neck”.

So after my insurance company approves, I’m gonna head into the tank.

Instead of telling me to ice it, or put heat on it, or tape it up, his first reaction is: I wanna get a look at what’s going on in there. I like that.

Hopefully this is ultimately just a pulled trapezius muscle that has ended up yoiking the muscles in my arm. But if there is something getting jacked up in my neck itself, I’d rather know now than wait 2 weeks each time a doctor wants to try something else.

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