Update on stupid limbs

Well not really limbs, but muscles.

My shoulder really hates me, and would prefer to head out into the world all by itself to face the challenges and reap the rewards unencumbered by the rest of this fleshy edifice.

I exaggerate, things are feeling much better. After a hardcore massage and a few days of painkillers and muscle relaxants, things are once again livable. My shoulder and upper arm now hurt far more than my back, and unless I’m in bed, they usually don’t bother me. Unfortunately some nights, laying down puts that trapezius muscle into full on hate mode, like last night, and I get little sleep.

My happy chiro today let me know that it’s still quite knotted up and that my ribs are once again doing a happy dance no doubt as a result. My shoulder joint was also feeling the love and was a little out of place. Ohhh the menagerie of horrors!

So, long story short, I’ve got a very large muscle very unhappy. But it’s not really the end of the world or anything.

I’m going to go and see my normal doctor sometime soon and see if there isn’t some physical therapy or exercises that I can do to get the ship sailing straight again and reduce the constant trips to the chiro, which are scheduled to start getting expensive as my insurance only covers 12 a year.

In other news:

My boss is currently on a cruise ship bound for my frozen home land, leaving me to coordinate a capability assessment for the whole organization. Most of the roles and responsibilities are pretty well in place, so I’m not in a white hot panic or anything, but it’s still a decent bit of stress. Good times.

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