Rollin into the 4 day weekend

Ahhh. Nothing like 4 days off. This will be good. Kelli is out of town visiting the california crew which gives me lots and lots of introvert time. Yea!

Tonight is my graduation into green-black belt, and for those of you counting, I have 3 belts after this one (out of 15) until my black belt. Whee! Tonight I am an uke in one of two black belt demonstrations, which is notable, since these will be our 2nd and 3rd black belts in the dojo. A couple more will be following shortly, then there will be a bit of a wait until the next crop hits.

I have no major plan for these 4 days yet, but I’m looking forward to doing nothing at all. That sounds really good.

I’ll probably finish reading “Mona Lisa Overdrive”.

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