Random Life update 060606

What’s been going on in the life of Joe? Lots!

Last weekend I got back into the photo bug thing and drove north seeking fun photo adventures. Unfortunately it was easily 95° even in Jerome. Coupled with a terrible haze caused by forest fires and a half million tourists, it was not a day for photography. Alas.

I got back at a reasonable time, but hiking around in the heat at altitude had taken a lot out of me and I was unable to work up the requisite enthusiasm to hang out with the dojo crew for some gaming.

Sunday was spent playing Hitman: Blood Money. This was a good time.

Scary My uncle (Mom’s half brother), who has been struggling with obesity for a long time, started having serious complications and was checked into the hospital. He checked himself out shortly after, and within a day, had a heart attack that caused brain damage. Apparently it was bad enough that he was declared to be in a vegetative state. A few weeks later he died. he was in his mid forties.

Take care of your body people.

The Dojo I’ve been taking on more instruction duties at the dojo along with Nate. We both taught for about 15 minutes each last night in the level one class. Good times.

Graduating this month into green black. Whoo.

Photo RAW Developer, while having a decidedly “meh” interface has by far the best RAW engine I’ve seen so far. It’s very very good. It is more concerned with detail than noise reduction, and if you’re shooting at low ISOs, your images are going to look great coming out of RAW Developer. It was even pulling great detail out of 10D images that I thought were pretty lousy. I team this up with Adobe Bridge for image selection. What it really needs is an ability to send files directly to Photoshop without an intermediate save file.

I really need to bite the bullet and get a 70-200 lens. I’m noticing the need on pretty much every shoot now.

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