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Well, for those who’ve been reading this blog a while, you know that in recent months, I’ve been letting my other web sites languish in disrepair. Mainly because new work duties have been killing a lot of my free time and energy. Advertising income from both sites was extremely minor, and the time invested just wasn’t paying off. So instead of scaling them back, I just abandoned them. Bad webmaster.

So, the first step in reconciliation is a new direction for While reading about the various copyright struggles the music and movie industry are engaged in, and how they are trying to kill fair use, I thought fondly of my own content give away on learningphoto.

Originally the intent of LearningPhoto was to have it be sort of a blog format where I could post RAW files, cover printer papers, and camera advances. But the lack of time really made it sort of “RAW files and news clips” Boring.

So it was time for a new purpose and design for the site. New purpose: showcase the photos and give away the RAW files under a CC license. That is all. Try to get a new image in there every week. New Design: Simple. Think Gallery. Title, big picture, links to raw file and license. Maybe some previous and next navigation links. Don’t kill people with information, just give them the image. Oh, and it has to be black.

So with that in mind, I spent a couple of hours last night changing theme files in wordpress to deliver this utopian vision. Which you can see here.

All I’ve had time to do is change the home page, and in the process I broke the layout of the rest of the site, which still has the old content. That content will be going away, and the individual archives will be formatted like the front page. Just haven’t had time to make it happen yet. Also, the feeds will need to be pared down. But all in good time.

Let me know what you guys think.

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