Fall Out Boy and Other Stuff

Fall Out Boy
I got suite tickets for the Fall Out Boy show at Glendale Arena yesterday, and Kelli and I went, laptops in hand to see the show. Hawthorn Heights and All American Rejects opened.

Hawthorn Heights did an okay job, but none of their stuff stood out enough for me to look up from web browsing.

All American Rejects had two or three songs that were really good, including their radio hit Swing Swing. Their sound was good but the rest of their stuff was pretty meh.

Fall Out Boy flat out sucked. It’s clear that their lead singer has great vocal talent, and I really like his voice, but his mic was clipping like crazy. And it’s too bad, because his voice was the only thing to like about the show. The stage set up was really weak with little more than a big image behind them. The two screens which normally project a video feed of the band for those in the nosebleed seats instead only played repeating loops of textures which had nothing to do with the music. The band kept falling off tempo, and the guitar and bass were all over the place, not helped at all by the terrible mixing. It was a huge disappointment. Kelli and I bailed about 5 songs into their set.

As a note: Whoever made it okay for guys to wear skin tight black jeans needs to be shot. Skin tight black jeans on guys must stop.

This Weekend
This weekend is going to be spent training with 7th degree blackbelt Mark Russo. Should be a lot of fun. Kelli’s going to have to work, and will miss out unfortunately.

Photo Stuff
Looks like there’s a good chance some of my Arizona landscape work will end up decorating my company’s annual report this year. Nothing is for sure yet, but it’s being considered. If it happens, I should be able to buy a couple of studio lights with the proceeds. That would be cool.

Sometime in April I need to find time to head down to Tombstone and southern AZ. I’m not going down there in summer, and it’s been one of my ambitions this winter. I’m going to try and secure 4 days to do it soon.

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