A busy, but easy weekend

Lots of stuff to cover over the weekend, so here we go.

Saturday I went with Michael to a Kyusho Jitsu seminar in Glendale led by Gary Boaz. There was definitely some interesting stuff in the seminar. Kelli unfortunately felt the brunt of that new knowledge this weekend as I played around with some of the things we learned. She hates me now.

Sunday was change my address day and do my taxes day.

Progressive, who currently carries my auto insurance is now asking $740 for 6 months to insure me. That’s a 15% rate increase for no reason. Geico has quoted me $661. Guess where I’ll be going?

Did my taxes for last year and it looks like I’ll be paying $152 federal and getting back $220 from the state. Pretty much perfect.

While trying to move over my utilities, I once again looked over my Cox bill and compared it to DirecTV. While Kelli has heard of other people’s bad experiences, they are half the price of Cox for the same services. I’m not sure why I should continue on with them. I could buy my own DVR and loose $10/mo right there and turn in my second box which I don’t really use shaving off $6/mo (I should have done this long ago), but that still only brings my bill down to $68 a month instead of the $50 or so I’d be paying DirecTV. $18 a month for essentially no difference is not a good deal.

It’s really annoying when people don’t have forms online for moving their service to a new address. But nevertheless, Qwest should be coming out on the 27th along with Cox to get things transfered over. This page might be down for a day or two in the interim. No one raised any flags about not being able to get DSL in our new crib, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the case. If it is, I might be down for a couple of days until I can work something out with hosting. Hopefully it won’t be an issue though.

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