Photo Learnings

While browsing through flickr, I found some interesting landscape work by Peter Bowers.

While I don’t love them all, there are really some exceptional shots in there. While reading through them I had a couple of observations for improving my own work.

  1. Shoot Sunrise I’m really, really not a morning person but mornings provide just amazing lighting. I need to learn to deal.

  2. Bracket, Bracket, Bracket I already shoot with a tripod. I need to get into the habit of getting 3 to 5 exposures on any shot that has wide dynamic range. It enables a lot of flexibility when developing later on. A one shot mentality is not going to cut it for great shots. (note to self, now would be a good time to get an 8GB microdrive)

  3. More Photoshop knowledge. Need to spend more time learning how to do clean blending of multiple exposures, and get further into contrast and saturation tweaking. I’m usually pretty shy about large tweaks in those two, but people are attracted to high contrast, high saturation images. Deal.

  4. Flickr is weird. Peter can somehow garner 695 views on a close up of water, with 32 people calling it a favorite. I’m not saying it’s a bad shot, but it’s certainly nothing spectacular. I’m not sure if this is just an affect of the volume his other photos are getting, or what. I want his Flickr juice!

Peter’s got a great feel for getting images toned properly and I bet his stuff looks real purdy when printed.

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