A New Year

The last few days have been marked with headaches, muscle soreness, and tiredness. Not sure what kinda sick this is. But it kinda sucks. Today is a little better, but my neck and back are stiff and I’m tired.

So, that kinda set the tone for the new year celebrations. Kelli and I stayed in all weekend and watched movies and hung out. Good times. I slept a LOT. All of the movies were of dubious quality which was fun, but I was distracted through most of them thinking about this week. I’ve got 3 days to get stuff done this week as I had monday off, and Friday I’ll be in Seattle attending a focus group for work.

So what’s up for the new year? Lots of project management at work. Moving to a condo on the 27th of this month. Hopefully a lot more photography. So here’s what I want/need to work on this year.

  1. Make photo trips at least once a month, preferably more. Start pimping out prints more aggressively. Hit the art shows. Maybe start doing portraiture. Hook up with more local photographers to arrange trips. Look into prints for businesses.

  2. Getting things done. I have little time. I need to spend it better. I need to really get a methodology in place for organization and completion of tasks.

  3. Get myself in a position to start my own business. I’m leaning more and more towards this with either photo, or starting my own mac service business. Or maybe both. I’m pretty risk adverse though. I need to get myself in a position financially that I would be okay. Time to start saving aggressively and making sure spending is toward building the business.

Moving closer to work is going to be a very good thing. I’ll be able to run home at lunch and not loose 15 minutes each way to travel. I’m thinking about taking 2 hour lunches and working a little later. Should give me some time during the day to work on web stuff and photography.

I’m sure there will be more things I will think of soon.

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