Baby Shoot

On Friday I took off early from work to do a photoshoot with Doug’s daughter Lotee. You can see some of the shots on flickr. Ended up using only one light with a softbox for the shoot. My Sigma 70-300 is out on loan to Bryan, so I did the shoot with my 28-70, which in a normal situation would be way to wide a lens. But it worked out great for this shoot.

Although 2 things really came out during the shoot. I need to get a good quality 70-200, probably the Sigma 70-200 EX DG. But that will have to wait until after the move most likely. Also, after shooting for around 4 hours without a vertical grip, my wrist was starting to hurt. So the BG-E4 battery grip is on order.

Also, at some point, I need to think about getting a strobe setup of my own. I’ll most likely get some Alien Bees kits one light at a time.

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