Okay, the RAID box is officially in an unhappy place. After a wipe and reinstall yesterday, the machine froze up while transferring files. Okay, thats weird but no biggie. Start over, an hour or two later, freeze town. Hrmm, maybe it’s because the side panels are off.

Put the sides on this morning and it was hangsville. So I suspect the boot drive might be toasted. It would make sense as it’s now about 4 years old, but unfortunate. Of course, there could also be issues with the power supply, or motherboard as well. Whee.

I’m really at the point where I just want to buy a small dedicated NAS box and forget about it.

update: Ordered a 16x DVD Burner last night after resolving that I need to get all the data into offline storage as well as live RAID backup. $38. Awesome.

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