Merry f'in Christmas

Some guy hit Kelli’s car and didn’t leave a note or any info. Awesome. Same thing happened to me at almost exactly this time last year. About 3 months before that, was her first hit and run in the parking lot at her work. People rule.

I sort of blame insurance companies for jacking up rates on people as soon as they have any accidents. Sure you want to encourage people to drive well, but ultimately, unless you’re actually there when someone hits your car, its an incentive to not report it. Merry Christmas fucker who hit Kelli’s car.

In other good news, the RAID has pooped itself after almost 2 years of rock solid operation. Lost one drive for sure, but another dropped out of the set as well cooking the data. For some reason, my SUSE install also stopped booting, so there was definitely an issue with the box. I’m rebuilding the RAID with 4 devices and will be RMAing the other drive soonly. Thankfully, most of the data was backed up at a remote location and I’ve got enough free drive space to hold the data while I reconstruct. Whee!

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