Work is Eating My Soul

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week. There has been much stuff going on at work including me making presentation and sitting in meetings with VPs and the president of our company. Today I gave a 3 hour presentation in front of our team, some directors and a VP. They now want us to present it many more times to many groups including our senior management team, which includes the president. Good exposure for me, but lots of preparation and stress.

Got the 5D and it is an extremely impressive camera. It’s just worlds beyond the 10D I have been using for the last 2 years. I’m going to post a mini-review over at learningphoto in the next few days and I hope to get out and shoot over the weekend.

The sensor was already pretty dusty when it came in the mail, and I had heard that you have to clean the sensor pretty regularly on the 5D. So I tried cleaning it with my blower bulb brush and ended up smearing some kind of gunk on the sensor. Deep sigh. So out come the eclipse fluid and Qtips. Q tips leave a lot of lint. Sigh. After about an hour I got things pretty much clean as a whistle though and all is well in the world. I used a nylon art brush today to clear out some of the lint that the qtips left and am convinced that $100 sensor brushes are just outright theft. as long as art nylon brushes are properly cleaned, they are just as effective and no more dangerous. They cost like $5.

I’m looking into some Alien Bees lighting set ups now. Strobes are expensive. I’m thinking an 800 and a 400 would be really nice with some stands. Mmmm studio lights.

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