Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, I’m 30 now. Whee!

So to soak up the misery of being old, I took the plunge today and cratered my wallet by buying the Canon 5D.

To lessen the crater action, I recently got a 0% for 12 months credit card, and will be throwing the money for the camera into savings to earn interest. So essentially I’m getting a 0% loan for a year. That’s cool. The limit they gave me was only $2k, so I’ll drop $1k on it now, which I’m fine with.

I was thinking about holding off on the purchase until the price went down a little bit, then remembered that the 1Ds didn’t have any price drops for something like 2 years, and the 1Ds mkII hasn’t dropped since its introduction.

As it is, I ended up getting the camera from a shop in California for $3059. That’s around $240 off retail, which I will be using to get the vertical grip. I should have the camera by the end of next week. I’m excited.

I guess I should really start trying to make money off of my photography soon to start paying for all this expensive gear.

Speaking of which, I’ll probably be taking part in an art show in Tempe in mid December. I’m planning on having 2-3 items showing. Should be fun. Part of buying the 5D is the ability to comfortably print up to 16×20, which was really pushing it on the 10D. I need to start hitting up more art shows soon.

Not sure yet if I’ll be selling the 10D or keeping it around as a backup body. Anyone interested in it? They seem to be hitting in the $500-$600 range on e-bay which seems reasonable.

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