The spam attack continues unabated. MT is pushing it all into moderation, which is good, but I don’t really ever want to see it. So it was time to start pulling IPs.

MT won’t give you a simple list view with IPS of all the junk comments, so I had to hit the sql. Here’s the query I used:

SELECT DISTINCT comment_ip FROM mt_comment WHERE comment_junk_status = -1

That should just give you the unique IPs of every message in your junk list. Make sure your junk list has no false positives before pulling the list. You’ll now have what is probably a list of open proxy servers like this one:

These are the proxies my current spamming bastard is using to hit my site every 10 minutes or so. I threw these into my firewall on the server. I’d like to add them to, but the submission process is just too much of a pain in the ass. It would be nice to have a reporting tool built into MT that submits the comments and IPs.

At any rate, block those IPs. Nothing good can come from anonymous proxy traffic.

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