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Okay, I got some images up yesterday on Flickr. Mostly stuff from the recent excursion to Surprise, Globe and Miami. I’m going to include a little Flickr feed here as soon as I can find a plugin for Movable Type. The one plugin I can find reference to is old and the page is no longer there. Sure you can have Flickr generate entries on your blog, but that’s not what I’m looking for here. Just looking for a little sidebar entry thing where I can plug in some thumbs. If you know of anything, let me know.


I got the flickrjuice going on the front page. I’ll add it to individual entries here in a bit. If you have a flickr page and you’re not already listed as a contact, hit me up.

I like the social networking aspect of Flickr a lot. it’s cool to see what distant friends are shooting, even if it’s just “night on the town” types of shots.

I just took two group portraits in our lobby. While I was shooting, a “professional” photographer was also shooting with a backdrop, a couple of sets of lights and and some seating. One of the guys I was shooting was complaining that they just stand there and I shoot down on them, when this other group is getting the pro treatment.

At one level I understand, why are some groups being treated better than others, but on another level, bringing in that photographer costs $500 a day. If I were to shoot the same way, it would cost around 2.3k for the gear and eat up most of my day shooting. Considering the photo I was taking is meant for a small publication the way we conduct these little shoots is more than enough.

This is not to say that I wouldn’t love having that gear or conducting more professional shoots, but we just don’t have the resources, or the need for that matter for that level of professionalism in the publications we’re putting out.

Do I want to explain this to that guy? Nope.

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