It's Finally Here

Looks like the weather has broken. We’re expected to stay in the high 80s and low 90s for the next week. It’s all down hill from there. Nice.

Here’s the weekend update: Saturday I spent a good deal of time at the dojo helping out with classes and getting in a little of my own training. Afterwards, I sat through a presentation by Market America, which one of the my fellow Karatekas is engaging in. Ended up being way longer than I thought.

That night, we finally went to see Serenity. As an avid fan of Firefly, needless to say, I enjoyed it a lot. Joss did a good job with it. One thing I really like about Firefly is that the main characters are all human, and end up getting hurt a lot. The movie is no exception to this rule. Every character takes a major beating, except for one, who if you’re a fan, you’ll already know about. See it. It’s great.

Sunday I headed out to Surprise, Miami and Globe to shoot some photos. Felt really good to hear the shutter fire. Seems like a long time since I was last out taking pics. I got some really good shots, but being that I was shooting a lot of buildings, a lot didn’t turn out that great. Made me really realize why architectural photographers have movements on their cameras. Perspective shifts can really nuke a photo, and barrel distortion on wide angles has a pronounced effect as well. Also, I need to use a tripod in these situations even when they are well lit. Trying to find level by eye just isn’t very effective.

That night I picked up a game for PS2 called Katamari Damacy. I’ve heard a lot about this game, and essentially it involves rolling around a ball and picking stuff up. As your ball gets bigger, you can pick up more things. It is a lot of fun. I ended up playing it until too late last night. You can get it for $20 these days and I highly recommend it.

I’ll get some of my shots up on flicker this afternoon for your perusal.

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