Sleep what?

So I’m on another one of my no sleep jags. It’s pretty awesome. Went to bed at 9:30 last night in hopes of getting my body to actually sleep and make up for the last few days. I was still awake at 12am. Boo. And now I’m waking up earlier. Double Boo.

While at lunch today I put my head into my hands and closed my eyes. After a few seconds I got into the echo chamber of almost asleep and my eyes popped open realizing I was actually going to crash right there. This is not something that usually happens to me.

This afternoon I will be crashing out until it’s time for To-Shin Do, and then taking Tylenol PM afterwards to force my body into sleepy time. Insomnia, from my parents basement I stab at thee!

Update: Slept okay last night. Also, I misquoted.

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