Teh Debauchery

Okay, That’s a lie. There was no debauchery this last weekend. But there was some industrial rock action.

Saturday I went to a coaches meeting for the ass kicking and then went swimming at Michael and Lori’s where I spent a lot of time belly flopping trying to get down a dive I have never done. Then I went home and took a little nap, which was nice.

That night was The Strand at a local bar called Chasers. They had a couple of opening acts, who aside from Hardwire, were nothing too fantastic. Hardwire was a nice Deathmetal/Industrial act that was a lot of fun to watch despite not being able to hear anything they were singing. But you know, it is death metal.

Strand were really good. They have great stage presence. Dave was running around like a possessed industrial leprechaun. Good times.

I brought along the camera to the gig and got some photos. I think I ended up loosing my canon 50mm 1.8 at the show. I heard something drop when I first opened my bag and took out my camera, but it sounded like it was behind me, and a cursory check in the dark revealed nothing missing. I think the strap on my camera had somehow gotten under the lens and just pulled it out when I pulled out the camera. Doh. I’m going to have to stop by there tonight and see if anyone turned it in. Thankfully its a cheap lens, and one that I rarely use so it’s not really a big deal either way.

Lighting was insanely low for most of the show, and even on iso 1600, most of my time shooting was done at 1/8th to 1/10th of a second. Not ideal. The weak on-camera flash of the 10D would completely over power the stage lights and just make it look like the bands were playing in your garage, destroying the mood set by the stage lights.

Also, shooting industrial shows without easy access to the stage or an area directly in front of it can be a major pain. Muscling up in the crowd isn’t a big deal, but trying to not get bumped when shooting at 1/10th is pretty hard. People tend to respect the big professional looking camera. That’s cool.

Img 5726

Img 5730

Img 5708

Sunday was spent pretty much just chilling out and hanging with Kelli. I’m sore as hell from my various activities this week, so mellowing out was a good thing.

Spent part of sunday working on my G5 which seems to be having problems. Turns out that one of my external drives has decided to eat itself. It’s a 200GB western digital that has been making high jet whining for the better part of a year now, and has now finally decided to go the way of the dodo. So I think it will be heading back to WD for a replacement soon. Gotta love 3 year warranties. Thankfully it was serving as miscellaneous storage, and most of the data is on other drives.

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