Provoking the Bull

So a Norwegian Pentecostal preacher decides it would be fun to call Mohammed a pedophile. Preacher then receives death threat. Great.

Anti-muslim sentiment is already sky high in Scandinavia due to the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and it looks like this preacher is trying to stir it up further. He’s probably doing it to extend his fading fame, but it brings up an interesting question in my mind.

Islam is already taking on a renewed image of violent, barbaric fundamentalism counteracting probably hundreds of years of cultivating a more peaceful and modern persona. Muslims need to be doing more to disassociate these radical elements, and denounce violence. Some jackass saying Mohammed was a pedophile shouldn’t make anyone blink… he’s a jackass. But if these super violent over reactions keep occurring, one has to wonder how long Scandinavia will put up with it before simply telling them all to get out as one dutch lawmaker has suggested.

Islam has a massive PR problem at the moment, and it’s leaders need to get on top of it. It’s not enough to make declarations that islam is a peaceful and friendly religion while you have radical imams funded by rich families spreading hate.

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