Cut and Burn

Well Apple fans, Tiger is only about a week away at this point, which means it’s time for some backup action in preparation for the upgrade.

I’ve got a new monitor on the way, and we’ll see if it makes it in time for the weekend. If so, it’s going to be a geekathon at my crib while I get things backed up and cleaned out for the tiger update on my G5 and my lappy.

I really like to do a cut and burn update when it comes to these big point releases. This means I don’t upgrade the OS. Instead I do a clean install and move my user folder over along with any applications that are “clean”.

Of course my fink install will most likely lag behind for a little while. But the fink crew has had a decent amount of time to get things working, so I don’t think we’ll be in the dark for too long.

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