God has Spoken

So, while hemming and hawing about a switch to the Treo 650, I decided that I would just tough it out and carry around my Tungsten T2 for a while longer and just cope with carrying around a phone and a palm.

So when I got to work yesterday, I plugged in the Palm, and left it. A few hours later I went to turn it on and make a note and it was dead. No hard reset, no amount of pleading would bring it back to life. God hath smote my Palm. So I figure, I have to get a new Treo now right? But man that’s a lot of bread to lay down. Then I get the e-mail. Profit sharing is included on this paycheck. Houston, we have money.

So, it looks like I’ll be rolling with Cingular despite their lame $40 unlimited data plan (which I won’t be getting). They are in some ways a lame choice because of their forced PDA data plan, i.e you can’t get the $20 unlimited plan with a PDA phone, and because the undoubtedly pressured Palm One to raise the price of their unlocked, unbranded Treo to $700. But with T-Mobile’s recent dismissive stance on the security of their user’s information, I’ve recently lost a lot of love for them.

I considered sprint, but I really want to stay on the GSM bandwagon, and customer complaints about sprint have been really bad.

In other news, I’ve been working like a dog recently due to some fun stuff out of my control. Our fiery RIP server caught a virus, and our corporate over lords cut it off from the network. I believed them to be insane, but they insisted the traffic was coming from our RIP. So I called up our vendor and they told me, “oh yeah, those new EFI RIPs run XP embedded, and a bunch of our customers have complained about viruses”.

I was flabbergasted. Why EFI chose to run embedded XP on these RIPs is beyond me, but to not patch them to prevent exploitation is ridiculous. Now we have to run virus protection on our RIP. Why do I run a Mac again?

Me and 2 Mac Geniuses got our “you’re not good enough” letters on the Apple job. I kinda figured this would be the case as Phoenix is a very desirable market to work in. Low cost of living combined with a well paying job makes for a fat little life here in the valley, so I’m sure there was some stiff competition.

In further news, I’ve managed to contract some monkey-virus-bird-flu that is kicking my ass. I managed to get to sleep at 11:40 or so last night and promply work up at 3 am coughing my ass off. I took from Tylenol Cold to suppress the coughing, but apparently it was a daytime formulation. So as of 5am I couldn’t sleep. I was planning on not coming into work today, but since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I figured I would impose my misery on others and head into work. w00t. Depending on how I feel later in the day, I may bail.. but I’m doing okay for the moment.

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