The Inevitable Update Machine

It was a busy weekend and a lot happened. Here’s the rundown.

Friday night Kelli and I had promotions down at the To Shin Do dojo. I’m now a blue/white belt and Kelli is a yellow belt (photographic proof). I’m going to start coaching level one now that I’m blue/white which starts tonight. For my test I got to do a prepared demo which was pretty nasty, and do some blind folded rolling around, which was fun.

That night I hung out with Bryan and we hit the old watering hole and hung out with some people still in Apple retail. Good times.

Saturday saw Doug’s arrival with a PC, 23“ monitor and Half Life 2. We got down to business. This consumed a great deal of the weekend as one would expect, but we got ‘er done in about 15 hours I would say. If you sent an e-mail over the weekend, I had my machine taken down, so I didn’t get it. But I’m re-assembling this evening so we’ll be back on track.

Got a call from my little brother who announced that he’s marrying his long time girlfriend Jade. This leaves me the last bachelor of the Mullins clan. Hrrm. They’re planning on doing the down-low wedding thing in new york and then having a gathering of some sort in Hawaii at a later date.

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