Comments and Spam

So last night and today some son of a bitch has decided to hit me with almost 100 comment spams on this blog. I’ve turned off comments on posts older than 5 days, but for some reason, he still seems to be able to post on those articles, so he must be hitting the cgi directly. I’m going to completely disable comments for today until I can implement a couple of changes:

  1. mt-comments.cgi is getting a name change to something undisclosed.
  2. Going to start using this plug-in.
  3. Maybe update to MT 3.12 or WordPress. MT seems to have revised their stupid licensing issues, and that would definitely be the easier route, but WordPress is where I would like to go for the future.

This morning I was insanely angry about this. But now, after a few hours I’ve cooled down. These people are maggots, and deserve the distain of such, but are not worth getting tied up in knots over. I don’t get many comments here anyway, so it wouldn’t be a big loss to turn them off altogether, and hell, the fight is won at that point. No more spam. But I’m choosing to fight the fight, and I can’t get all butt hurt about it. Still, fuck spammers.