From the New Crib

What’s the first thing you’ll do at the new pad Joe? Well bust out the lappy, hop on one of 3 open local wireless APs and make a blog post of course. Out on the balcony of our new 4th story apartment, listening to a halloween concert that’s blaring from about 2 blocks away. I’m tempted to walk down and check it out, but I’ve got a lot of setting up to do, so I think I’ll abstain.

Things went reasonably well today. Despite the 6 hour window that got pushed to 5 when the truck showed up 45 minutes late, we managed to squeeze the whole move into that time, running over by just a little bit. While moving a couch down some stairs I managed to roll over my ankle, and it’s swole up real nice like. Should be good fun for about a week. We’ve dropped off the keys to the old place, said out fair-wells, and we’ve moved on up. I’m feeling enthusiastic about all this.

Time to get back to set up. More tomorrow.

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