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One of the things that I really like about living in Arizona is having John McCain as our senator. Apparently he is one of the only senators with the sack to stand up to the entertainment industry. Why wasn’t he nominated again? I usually vote democrat, but I swear I would vote for McCain in a presidential election. It seems neither Republican or Democratic leadership have a problem making the public bend over to serve the interests of these deep pocketed criminals.

Pray that the induce act doesn’t pass. Orrin Hatch is such a shameless shill, it’s amazing he doesn’t retire from the senate and become a lobbyist. For those who aren’t aware, Induce would essentially make illegal any technology that could encourage people to violate copyright. Read here for more info. It’s a horrible, shitty piece of wet-dream entertainment industry legislation which would basically give copyright holders carte blanche to sue technology companies for anything they invent, as long as they can dream up a way it could be used to infringe. Good bye ipod.

Now that Ashcroft has announced that the Justice Department would be waging a war on piracy, which they are modeling on the war on drugs, we can expect our jails to be over-crowded with not only non-violent drug offenders, but teenage file swappers as well. Sounds like a great plan. Lessig lays it down.

Bill O’Reilly is up on sexual harrassment charges?! Who would have thunk it? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

William Gibson is back to blogging in response to our titanically fucked up government administration.

While I know McCain isn’t perfect, he really seems to be keeping the public interest in mind. Why aren’t there more people like him in politics?