More Fun Frightening Federal Action

Ok, you’ve probably seen it by now, but check it out. FBI captured Hard Drives from a bunch of IndyMedia servers in the UK and US. Subpoenas were served on Rackspace, not IndyMedia, so they’re not even sure why the FBI took action. Here’s a link from the Argentina Indymedia.

Morals of this story? If you’re going to be posting contentious materials that you fear could cause negative political action, make sure to do the following:

  1. Multiple off-site backups independent of hosting company
  2. Host with non-US companies in nations that won’t immediately bend over to US federal legal pressure. Maybe Havenco?
  3. Don’t host 20 different independent media sites at one CoLo, make them work to take you down.

Who knows when or if the FBI will release the reasons they seized the drives.