As an exercise in pain, I got Photon working in WordPress 1.2 just like Johaan but all by myself this time without his help (He graciously helped me get Ecto working correctly with WP). Of course without his patch to the wordpress 1.2 xmlrpc file, it would have been in vain. Supposedly wordpress 1.3 will have an xmlrpc file that actually works correctly. I guess we’ll see.

You can see the VERY preliminary result here. Now as it stands, Photon places the data in the wrong fields for WordPress, which most likely means that wordpress is not conforming to the MT API with their xmlrpc. Perhaps Johann could patch that as well?

I will need to do some heavy hacking to the index.php file from wordpress to make it bend to a gallery format that looks something like this, but this will eventually become the part of the site where I will be selling prints officially. I need to deal with the lame way that WP deals with the whole body/excerpt/summary issues so that the thumbnail is no longer included in the body when you click on it. Should be a lot of fun. I’ll probably write it all up once I get it all going. Or maybe I won’t kill myself and I’ll just use Pictorialis.

I’m going to use paypal in the short term for payments as they make it ridiculously easy to include their shopping cart on your page and make purchases. Someday I will get around to coding my own billing/accounting/shopping cart thing. But that day is not today, or in my immediate future.

Photon is a cool little iphoto plug in, but it is sorely in need of some features. Here’s the list:

  1. Real error reporting.
  2. Auto Scaling of Width and Height when the other is changed.
  3. Templating, so I can tell it what field the thumb goes in, main image, text, etc.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.