A Week in Review

Car is fixed and back home. The guys at the body shop did a pretty good job.

Got refunded for the 4gb compact flash card after filing a complaint at Paypal. Working on winning another auction. These cards are getting harder and harder to find. They are pulls from Creative Muvo2s before they got crippled by new cards with the Compact Flash circuitry disabled. These cards are currently going for around $300 on ebay. Why? Because the retail price for these cards is $499.

Went looking for a new place to stay today, as our lease is coming up here, and we’re tired of not having a place to park, and putting up with our crappy air conditioner. We found a place that’s about 5 miles from where I currently work that we like a lot. Considering that I am now living about 20 miles away, it should shave about 20 minutes off of my drive. We’d also be right in downtown Scottsdale, in walking distance of a lot of cool stuff. The place also has a parking garage. This is a good thing.