Long Weekend

Spent a long weekend in Flagstaff getting some photos taken, and some Mario Party played. Our first night there, I fixed some outstanding issues on the NAU Bookstore database which I created oh so many years ago. They were mostly related to issues related to the FM 7 transition. I also got Kelli’s install of Movable Type up and running, which you can check out here.

Friday was spent shooting photos in the painted desert. I got some good images, which I will post shortly. Alas, my 4gb compact flash card did not come in time for the trip, but I brought along the laptop and dumped my photos onto it when I ran out of space about 2 hours into it. We had lots of clouds for interesting skies, but almost no sun, which made for flat light on the landscape. Still, it was a good trip. Painted Desert is just a really cool place.

Speaking of posting the photos, I think it’s time to start using LearningPhoto.com. I’m going to post them over there and invite comments and criticism. I just need to get a good css design up and going over there. The default CSS choices for WordPress suck. Maybe I’ll get some work in on that tonight.

Saturday and Sunday were our standard fare of Mario Party and Frolf. We took off pretty early on Sunday, with the hope of resuming the Six Feet Under watching parties with Bryan. We got home in time, but there was no Bryan, which was sad. With only 3 episodes left, there is not much entertaining left to be done.

Today I dropped off my car for repairs. I snuck a peek at what the towing company will be charged for the damage they inflicted. $580. Hope that $100 tow fee was worth it guys. I haven’t had a chance to have my rear brakes checked out for damage, as my emergency brake was on during the tow. They claim it was towed on a flat bed, but they also claimed that they didn’t use tow lights on the back of the car which they clearly did.