About the Reunion

It just struck me that I never really talked about my reunion experience. Here’s the readers digest version:

Visited both my old Elementary School and my High School. Good times. The High School is now Nazi Germany with cameras and signs about being watched at all times posted everywhere. It made me pretty sad. The elementary has been closed due to lack of enrollment, and my mom flexed her political muscle to get Bryan and I a tour. This was really cool. Took a lot of pictures and had fun reminiscing.

The High School crew were pretty much what I expected except for one notable exception that has gone down the path of Evil and is working for the World Bank. He was pretty good friend in High School, and a very smart guy. I never expected him to turn to the Dark Side, but alas he has fallen.

My Ex, who I was somewhat concerned about seeing has changed little from the last time I saw her. She didn’t make our re-union dinner because she couldn’t get a ride down from Homer. Considering that she had months to make arrangements, I considered this a poor excuse. I ended up exchanging about 3 sentences with her over the 3 days, and avoided her the rest of the time. Kel and her talked for a bit, but nothing substantial. Blech. Her father had talked to my mom and said that he wanted to talk to me while I was back. I called him, but no one was home, and they didn’t call back while I was there. I really liked her parents and was a little bummed we didn’t hook up.

My Other Ex, Ms. Alaska, and almost Ms. USA decided not to come back for her reunion. She undoubtedly had better things to do than trudge back to Alaska, and slum it up with us. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Talked with one of my High School teachers who was unable to keep the crazy in a box, and started ranting at us about Creationism. This from someone who got a degree in Evolutionary Ecology. While it was nice to talk to him about High School, the ensuing 3 hours of religious ballyho that followed was not worth it. It made me profoundly sad.

There was much photo taking on my part, and all in all I had a very good time. There were a couple of incidents of people I know letting the crazy out of the box in inappropriate ways, but it was nothing major. A lot of the people in my class seem really happy in their lives, which is very cool. I’m glad to see them doing well.

That’s about it. I’m looking forward to 20.