Things that bug me about NetNewsWire Lite

Here are some of my gripes about NetNewsWire lite. I’m hoping that these are addressed in the upcoming version.

  • When my feeds are refreshing, the current entry I am reading gets scrolled back up to the top.
  • When refreshing, when new articles appear, it scrolls my title window. If enough new titles appear, my current title will move out of the list. It should remain in the same place I clicked it and the little blue blob on the right should just move down indicating new titles have arrived
  • When I click off of one folder of feeds, to another, then back to the original, it should remember where I was in that list.
  • Doesn’t show authors of articles, even though they are in the feed.
  • I need a search field for feed name when you have over 300 feeds, you need this
  • I will update one of my blogs, my RSS feed will reflect that update, but NNW will not. And won’t for what seems like an hour or so.