Just to torture myself, I figured I would do some samba testing between 2 Mac OS X boxes to see if the OS X samba client is just being wacky. So, running samba 2.2.3 server on a g5, and samba 3 client on a g4, I got 38MB/sec uploads. It was pretty solid too. There were some drops to 17MB/sec but only for a second or two.

There is something seriously weird going on with my Linux box. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something wacky. I’m wondering if maybe there’s not something b0rked with the logic board or something to that effect. FTP should be a little faster than it is, and samba is just in another world.

I’ve checked the duplex settings, and everything seems fine, but I lack the skills to really troubleshoot this issue down. I keep the glimmering hope that when suse 9.1 comes out, all these issues will just go away. It still blows my mind that doing a tcpdump will make everything okay while the dump is going on. I’m sure that’s indicative of something, but I have no idea what.