I hate you Samba

Well, samba remains my mortal enemy. It is a fickle mistress. I am now getting 30MB/sec downloads, which I am pleased as punch about, but uploading is so all over the boards that it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. So, want me to blow your mind here? Here we go.

Uploading to server via FTP: 31MB/sec Uploading to server via Samba at 1000baseTX: 800K/sec – 10MB/sec bouncing around Uploading to server via Samba at 100baseTX: 11MB/Sec – dead on no jumping up and down

Maybe this is a duplexing issue you might say, but remember that this is only with samba, not FTP.

So I figure I’ll turn on logging in samba and see what the hell is going on. Restart the samba server, and start a transfer, tail -f the log file, and I’m getting 15MB/sec solid. Ohh good.. maybe it was just something weird. Dump the logging, and I’m back to bupkis. Ooookay. So lets leave logging off and try a tcpdump and see what’s going on.

Start a transfer, getting 800K/sec. Start tcpdump on the server via ssh connection, and WHAM 30MB/sec uploads. Stop tcpdump by cmd-c and rates drop like a stone again.. riiiiiight. I’ve tried a dead stock smb.conf file as well as one that is tricked out with all the speed up config options. So basically, if I tail the log, or try to do a tcpdump while the transfer is going, it will work fine, otherwise, it sucks. I swear to god it’s doing this on purpose.