Suicide Kings

Today on the way to work another guy rode his bike right in front of me in traffic. I’m cruising down the street, doing 45 (which is the limit in az on most streets). Perhaps 100 yards down the street, a guy on a bike swerves into traffic in front of the guy in the left lane ahead of me. He slams on his brakes and the guy, in a leisurely fashion, pedals in front of me. He brings me to a 5mph roll and I honk at him. He then flips me off and pedals on in the middle of the 3rd lane against traffic. He was no where near a light, and didn’t even wait for traffic to clear before crossing. He looked both of us in the face while pedaling slowly across the road.

I seriously considered pulling over and beating this guy to a pulp. He endangered the lives of both cars and his own. Then he had the indignation to flip me off like I was doing something wrong. If this was an isolated incident, I would probably blow it off. But this has happened like 4 times in the last 3 months. I think the drunks in Phoenix have all been talking about how they should all just cross the street whenever they want. While I was thinking about this today, I resolved that I would just start calling the police when this happens again, which I’m sure at this point it will.

Maybe I just need to start driving everywhere on the freeway instead of taking surface streets.

Listening to: “Supermodified” by Amon Tobin