A weekend spent

So, I had the weekend off, the first one in a month, and probably the only one for another month. I spent it well. Most of it was consumed with gift buying and shipping, and unpacking and cleaning. I bought a new desk, a bookshelf, and a couple of DVD cases. There was much construction of funiture which was plenty frustrating. Hmmm shitty pot metal screws.

Kelli returns on the 29th and I’ve been trying to get the pad ready for the impending feminization. Things should be up and running in plenty of time. Doug is coming down to spend the week of Christmas with me, so we should be able to undo all of my work in that time.

I picked up a new 250gb drive from Fry’s for the silly price of $179 with a $30 rebate on top of that. Storage is getting cheap these days, and I’m closing in on a TB of personal storage. You gotta love that normal people are getting to the point where they will soon need a TB of drive space. With DVRs becoming popular, it’s not too far off that people will be keeping all of their video, music and video games on a central machine shared out to the rest of their machines.

The weekend is ending with the new Battlestar Galactica. I was very impressed by it. I was never a huge fan of the original series. I liked the star fights, but was never too taken with the story. I have also never been the biggest fan of Edward James Almos. But he was really good in the mini-series. People whined about Starbuck being a woman this time around, and frankly, you don’t notice too much. It what may be a sacrilege to many fans, Starbuck really didn’t get all that much screen time. While many people also have a problem with the new cylons, I was very impressed with what they did. The main cylon chick who haunts Giaus, and ultimately remains entranced by him, did an excellent job. Her desire to make him love her are an excellent tack to take on the cylon angle. All in all, I would like to see a new series based on it. Check it out.

Now I prepare myself for a 7 day suck fest. Happy holidays assclowns!