w3rkin for the man

Well, black friday is now over and the craziness is in full swing. We have been very busy as of late. My next days off are Monday and Tuesday, and I plan on getting out and doing some shooting to decompress.

I’m working on my T610 review, and will probably post it tomorrow night. I have been pretty happy with the phone. All told, it’s much better than the T68i it replaced.

The sneakers I have been wearing for the past 2 years have finally given up the ghost. I have replaced them with these. I like them a lot. I would have just thrown down for the assault boots, but since I put them on a holiday gift list, I figured I would hold off and just get some new sneakers.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, spent with some friends in a borrowed house. Much food and fun was had. I have really lucked out my last 2 thanksgivings.

Figured out how to make MT just display the last 10 entries. This makes me happy. That is now how the page will display. It is good.

More is to come.. but now I am tired and need sleepy time.

Listening to: “Small Change” by Tom Waits