New Phones are Fun

So I went out and bought myself a new phone for my birthday. The Sony Ericsson T610. This phone rocks in numerous ways. I will list but a few: 128×128 screen for jpg goodness polyphonic ring tones that use standard midi files bluetooth file browsing sound recording into files that can be transfered to and played back on a Mac

I’m thinking about writing up a little review pointing out some of the cooler things about it. Let me know if any of you care enough for me to do so.

Brody was up from Tucson to hang out and work alongside me at the Fruitstand recently. We worked during the day and then played Halo at night. We beat the game on heroic mode in 2 nights which was a lot of fun.

Orrin Hatch is the Great Satan. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t think this guy is bought and sold?

Listening to: “Painkiller” by Judas Priest