Giving Up Hope

Good times! I’m relatively certain the Democrats’ actual plan is to try and run out the clock, pray enough people get vaccinated and drive them back into the workforce, with maybe $15/hr minimum wage 5 years from now, or until they lose control of the senate again.

Biden is insisting on a large package deal with poison pills that Republicans will never vote for. He won’t do it through reconciliation unless he’s forced to, guaranteeing nothing passes until March/April. He won’t break out stimulus checks and allow a vote because he’s hoping ultimately he’ll never have to.

Schumer won’t kill the filibuster. The Republicans will vote as a block against all legislation because they can’t hand Democrats any significant victory. Everything will grind to a halt.

Remember just a month ago when 41 democrats in the senate killed a vote on the clean $2000 checks bill so they could override a veto on a $740B pentagon bill?

Keep that in mind while watching the performative hand-wringing over republican obstructionism as it plays out over the next year or so. Dems are doing this on purpose.

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