Mini Review: Apple Magic Mouse

Yesterday I got my Apple Magic Mouse, and here are my quick first impressions:

  1. Design is beautiful as you would expect
  2. Had to download the driver, and uninstall USB overdrive before I had access to all the mouse’s functions.
  3. Scrolling from anywhere is awesome
  4. Same “lift left finger for right click” mechanic. Lame. You think they’d be able to figure this out.
  5. Mouse tracking is too slow at it’s highest setting
  6. Two finger movements for backwards and forwards are awkward. With my thumb on one side of the mouse and my pinkie and ring finger on the other side, my hand is close to the maximum comfortable separation between middle and ring fingers. Swiping left from this position puts a lot of strain on the hand. I find I just have to completely remove my fingers from the right hand side of the mouse to make a left swipe and use my thumb to hold the mouse in place. I’m sure it’s something I’ll get used to, but it’s very annoying at first, especially if you’re used to hitting a button at your thumb.
  7. No middle click. I’m used to using a middle click to open links in a new tab. There’s currently no way to assign a middle click on this mouse.

My overall impression is a little lackluster. I’ll give the mouse a couple of weeks of use to see how it pans out, but I have a feeling I’ll be heading back to my logitech.

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