10.5.7 bugs

There have been lots of people running into lots of issues with 10.5.7. Since I’ve run into a few myself I thought I would piss into the wind here and let the anonymous masses know my pain.

1. Display profiles lost on wake from sleep

This one has been around at least since 10.5.4 but has yet to be fixed. If you use a custom profile for your display, often when you wake your machine, a default washed out profile will be used. You have to open the displays preference pane to make it re-recognize. This happens with my Macbook Pro.

2. Massive UI lags after wake from sleep

I assume this is an issue with the graphics drivers, but I’m not sure. In some circumstances, when waking from sleep, the UI is extremely unresponsive, particularly to window drags and scrolling. Page downs work fine. Only a restart will fix it. This happens with my Macbook Pro.

3. Drive eject issues.

I never really noticed this before 10.5.7, but not it seems like every time I plug in a usb drive, copy a file over to it, then try to eject it, the OS will simply never let it go. It’s not being indexed by spotlight, no windows are open, no files being copied. It just won’t release it. Sometimes it will after 3-5 minutes, sometimes it won’t let it go until restart, sometimes it will work just fine. The fact that Snow Leopard has “improved disk ejecting” as a feature is borderline retarded. This happens on all my machines.

4. Won’t sleep without a CD in the optical drive

Lots of users with particular optical drives (samsung, toshiba, some sonys) lost the ability for their machines to sleep after a defined time of inactivity. This is specifically a 10.5.7 problem, and the only way to resolve it as of now is to keep a disc in the optical drive. This happens with my Hackintosh, but the problem extends to a bunch of Mac Pros and iMacs.

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