Quick update

At some point I will take the time to start detailing my disappointments with the Obama administration. Don’t get me wrong, Obama has done a lot right in his first couple of months, but his missteps are large enough to be disconcerting.

The big one is really his handling of the warrant-less wire tapping suits, and his assertion of executive privilege. The DOJs current position is expressly against Obama’s campaign promises of transparency. This is a major constitutional issue, and the only reason I can see for the administration to take this stand is that there are extremely serious and far-reaching legal implications that would put large sections of the government into lockdown as they defend themselves from the suit.

But a very close second is Tim Geitner’s handling of the financial crisis. I’m trying to stay away from the populist craziness around this, but it’s getting very hard to see any of this as anything other than handouts to wallstreet. I’m starting to lean heavily toward nationalizing and breaking up all the majors.

Eric Holder is also heading down a path that looks short sighted and stupid concerning drug policy.

There’s a lot to reasearch around these topics, and a lot to write, and I just haven’t had the time and energy lately, and honestly it’s just too fucking depressing.

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