Quick hits

Nothing major to write about, but lots of little things, so here goes.

Kelli got really sick this weekend and seems to just now be getting better.

I wisely fled from my sick girlfriend and joined Doug up in Flagstaff for frolfing and Army of Two goodness.

On our second trip to frolf, we got caught in a monster hailstorm. Nothing golf ball sized or anything like that, but probably in the range of 8-10mm diameter stones. No joke. There was also a great deal of rain and lightening. we needed to walk about 1/4 mile through it and it was not what I would call pleasant. We both ended up completely drenched. Good times.

I watched 976-evil last night, which was a total blast from the past. Loved that movie as a kid. It was made in the 80s and I was actually really surprised by how many people smoked in it, i.e. pretty much everyone. It’s really amazing how much smoking has fallen off the radar.

At some point I’ll have to write a more in-depth piece about marriage and my opinions about it. Doug and I talked a little about it, and to his point, I don’t think many people actually share my personal decisions around it, but that doesn’t mean I hate marriage, or think it should die off as an institution. It’s hard to talk about something like marriage without pulling in a lot of variables to consider, and like all human relationships, it’s pretty messy, involving a wide spectrum of human experience from personal development to social organization. But I will pull something together for you because I know you’re fascinated by my rambling.

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