Whuffie website idea

I’m actually sort of surprised that someone already hasn’t done this.

After reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, it’s easy to start thinking of things in Whuffie. I was going through my blog and flickr stats, noting how few hits I get on a daily basis, and thinking my online Whuffie is low.

Then it struck me. There really should be an online whuffie counter that pulls from all the various APIs out there. Your score would be a combination of a crapload of things, but just to get the list started:

  1. Flickr views on your photos. Massive wuffie for getting into explore. Number of friends also.
  2. Blog views – pulled from the blogger or livejournal or wordpress or moveable type APIs.
  3. Pagerank or incoming links to your online assets as tracked through google blog search or technorati or whatever.
  4. Number of twitter followers.
  5. Number of diggs on your submitted articles or upvotes on reddit, karma on slashdot or whatever the hell they’re using these days.
  6. Whatever makes you popular on facebook or myspace these days. I have no effing clue.

all this stuff is muxed together to give you a left and right handed Whuffie score that you can then proudly display where ever you think it matters. Users could then dump wuffie onto each other whenever they felt like it, say if your online wuffie was as lousy as mine.

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