A Haunting

Recently I started getting the discovery channel in glorious HD and was mightily happy. Finally I can revel in “The Deadliest Catch” in high def. W00t.

But apparently someone at the discovery network had a seizure while throwing darts during a programming meeting and someone green lit “A Haunting”. It’s a show that retells “true” stories of hauntings. These are generally re-enactments of supernatural stories which are all accepted at face value and retold with no skepticism.

This kind of show usually doesn’t offend me. I usually just go to my happy place and tell myself that these are mindless ghost stories we tell to scare and entertain ourselves, and that the majority of people don’t believe in this kind of thing. At least not in any real, concrete way. Which seems to be backed up by the numbers. 34% or so believe in ghosts. These numbers seem to be all over the place though. Some polls put the number as high as 51%.

My real question is, why the hell is this show on the Discovery channel? I could see it on any number of other networks, but Discovery has always seemed rooted in non-magical stuff. That’s part of why I love it.

Apparently this show has been on Discovery for a while, and I’ve just managed to not catch it. I briefly went through their listing of programs and minus a “american lochness” show, this seems to be the only bit of mystical mumbo jumbo. What gives?

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